Anonymous asked:

has david been to any events recently? you have an absolutely amazing blog!

Hi! Not that I know, I looked for new photos, but the last event that I’m aware of is the Killian Kerner Fashion show. 

Thanks for your kind words :)

Anonymous asked:

hiiiii just wondering if you could re-post the link to the interview you posted on October 15, 2013? hes wearing the grey coat :) thank you!

Hi! Of course! Here it is:

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Is there anything new on Boy 7? When is that being released?

Hi! I haven’t had enough time to look for new information or photos, honestly. I remember that around last month I read that they had finished filming Boy 7, but I haven’t seen anything new since then. If that was true, I suppose it might be in the post-production phase.  

In IMDb, it only says “2015”:

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if you've heard, but according to his iMDB, David has a new project in development, entitled "Freedom Flight".

Hi! Thanks for letting me know! I couldn’t find any other page that has information about that, but I guess there will be a confirmation in the upcoming days. Thank you again! :)