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Hi! :) I was wondering if there are any links or backup of Paare - Fall 5 video? He looks totally adorable in your screenshots! Thanks! Ps. Love your blog sooooooo much!

Hi! Too bad it’s not available anymore :/ I only found this link, but you can only see the trailer, you need a password to watch the complete episodes:

Thank you for following :D


David Kross will be part of the film ‘Race’, which is about Jesse Owens. He will play Luz Long (an athlete friend of Owens’). Allegedly, it will be released on the USA on April 8th, 2016.

I leave you three sources of this information:

In English:

In Spanish:

In German:

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Hiiiii! I was just wondering if there were any more pictures of david from bürgerfest? He looks amazing in that picture not mention agnes is gorgeous ❤️❤️

Hi :) I’ve seen other photos of that event, but I only found that one of David :(. 

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Hello! Is there a video to go with the new photo u posted? :)

Hi! Not that I know. I only found the photo. But I have posted videos of him dubbing (here)